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Niraj Hedapara
January 2, 2023

Various manufacturers claim that they provide ISI-marked Industrial valves. For an end user, a question may arise what is the ISI mark or what is the need for an ISI mark in butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, or any such valves? Why are ISI-marked valves preferred? In this blog, we shall know about the ISI mark and its importance in valve production.

ISI is an acronym for Indian Standards Institute. It’s a certification scheme by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). It is specifically used in valve testing. When an ISI mark is present on any valve that assures that the valve abides by the standards defined by BIS. It also means the valve follows all the standards set by BIS and is certified for the utmost safety of use. ISI mark is the most recognized certification in India. ISI mark guarantees that the Indian valve manufacturer follows all the instructions, processes, and standards set by BIS.

Wafer Butterfly Valve

OSKO Valves provide best quality, ISI mark Wafer type Butterfly Valve.

The testing standards and face-to-face standards that are decided upon by ISI for general purpose Butterfly valves are available in IS 13095. The application where the valves could be used, environment or conditions in which the valves are to be used, size of valves, pressure plus temperature ratings, face-to-face dimensions, end connections, valve MOC (material of construction), valve operation (manual, gearbox operated-GBO, electric actuation, pneumatic actuation, hydraulic actuation), valve testing – are all the things that are included in the documentation set for manufacturing ISI Butterfly valves. An ISI-certified valve means the valve complies with all the formerly mentioned criteria.

The same applies to Ball valves too but the guiding standard here is IS 9890 and also IS 17292. This also has all the criteria or set requisites that are to be met by the valve producers for getting ISI certification. A piece of detailed knowledge about ISI certification can be found here.

We at OSKO valves manufacture ISI-marked Industrial valves of the best quality. That means all our valves comply with the standards set by ISI. You can reach out to us to know more about ISI standards and their significance in the valve manufacturing industry.

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