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Niraj Hedapara
December 3, 2022

Many kinds of Ball Valves are being used as ON/OFF valves in controlling the flow whether liquid or gas. The ball valves are further distinguished based on the types of their end connection which could be flanged end (you can also read our blog on “What is 1 piece Flanged End Ball Valve?”, screwed end, socket weld end or wafer type.  Today we shall be discussing Wafer Type Ball Valves and their uses.

What is a Wafer Type Ball Valve?

Wafer Ball Valve | OSKO Valves

OSKO Wafer Ball Valves save space and cost.

Wafer type Ball Valve is a ball valve with a very short face-to-face or length with an additional feature for zero holdup of material. Its compact design makes it a synonym for short face-to-face or short-length valve. Wafer Type Ball Valves can be of greater advantage if used in a system where one needs to work with very limited space available. Here the valve with the help of bolts can be stationed between two flanges. OSKO Valves offer the best quality Wafer Type Ball Valves in India. They are available in body materials like WCB, stainless steel grades like CF8, and CF8M, or in any other special metal. Solid ball and hollow ball variations are available. The design standard that we follow is as per IS/ISO 17292 and BS 5351. We follow API 598, and IS/ ISO 17292 testing standards. The end connection is wafer to suit ANSI #150. The salient features of OSKO Wafer Type Ball Valves are as below:

  • The wafer type ball valves are designed in such a way that they save space. 
  • These valves are cost-efficient courtesy their design.
  • Their specially designed bolted type end cap or inserts makes their maintenance very easy.
  • Push-type gland design enables an easy gland adjustment to arrest leakage if any and thus gives a trouble free long life.  
  • These valves are available with an integrally casted ISO mounting pad that makes them actuation ready.

Wafer Ball Valves are used in many applications. Some of their main uses are mentioned here.

  • Wafer Ball Valves with low or zero hold-up are efficiently used as flush bottom valves below vessels or tanks.
  • OSKO wafer type Ball valves are also offered in 45 degree hand lever operation which make valve very easy in operation even in un-operational position below vessels.
  • Being cost and space efficient, these valves are used in transport vehicles or vessels also.
  • They come with pipe handle for easy leverage or operations of valve.
  • Actuated Wafer Ball Valves whether pneumatic or electric both make them highly efficient in projects where valve operation needs to be automated.

If you have any questions regarding wafer ball valves, their material of construction, or their usage- please connect to us. You can visit our website www.oskovalves.com for more information.

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