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What are Butterfly Valves and How are Aluminium Butterfly Valves Better Selection

Niraj Hedapara
January 9, 2021

When it comes to easy installation, no option is there other than butterfly valves. These are a sort of low-cost valves, which are used for fluid flow control. The throttle with a tight shut-off and in this way, the Aluminium Butterfly Valve becomes more perfect. Operation, installation, and maintenance, all three are easy with these valves. The mechanism of butterfly valves, especially Aluminum Butterfly Valves, allow or restrict the flow between pipes. Technically, these valves are regulated rotary valves that direct the flow with a rotating disk. The disk of Aluminium Butterfly Valves operates up to 909 degrees and thus, it is also known as quarter-turn valves. These valves are working linearly and bi-directional also. An Aluminium Butterfly Valves Manufacturer designs the valves that fit the higher standards of the industry. Here are some basic advantages of butterfly valves –

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid operation
  • Low-pressure loss
Body Styles of Butterfly Valves:

Aluminium Butterfly Valves Price, body style, and design vary in various terms. Butterfly valves can be classified on the basis of Seat Material –

  • Lug Type Ends: These valves permit the bolt passages with their threaded lugs.
  • Wafer Type Ends: These valves protect the system from the backflow in the bi-directional setups with a flexible seal.
Body Material is an important aspect that classifies the Butterfly Valves:
  • Aluminium Bronze: The Aluminum Butterfly Valves have a distinct feature of preventing biofilm formation. With the composition of 10% aluminium, 5% nickel and 5% iron, these valves are showing corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless Steel: With a combination of nickel, iron, and chrome, these valves are specialized in corrosive piping applications. These butterfly valves are having the strength and endurance of steel.
  • Carbon Steel: These are a bit cheaper than Aluminium Butterfly Valves Price. You can use it for various purposes but refrain from using it for corrosive applications.
  • Nickel Alloy: This is considered the strongest and versatile valves. You can use them for specific applications.
  • Titanium Alloy: These are lightweight and corrosion-resistant valves. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio.
Seat Material:
  • Soft Seated: PTFE lined seat makes it ideal with its low coefficient of friction. This is highly resistant to chemicals.
  • Metal-to-metal: These are SS316 and Inconel butterfly valves where the latter one is used for heavy-duty seat applications.
The salient features of  Aluminium Butterfly Valves are mentioned here:
  • Aluminium Butterfly valves are highly corrosion resistant due to their material.
  • Since the seat is replaceable, it can be reused.
  • These valves can be installed easily.
  • Lightweight makes it more convenient.
  • The aesthetic appearance doesn’t spoil the look of the setup.
What Should You Know Before Choosing Butterfly Valves?

Various factors contribute to making the final selection of the butterfly valve. Instead of jumping into the types and temptations, you need to check many other things. Here are a few essential points, you must consider –

  1. Type of Fluid: You must know that which type of fluid is going to flow in the system. There are different types of butterfly valves, made for different purposes. Generally, these valves are used to accommodate gases and liquids. The bulk solids usually don’t prefer these valves.
  2. Specific Application: There is a need to set a vision with the valve. You must know whether you want to regulate the fluid or to control the flow. The valve specific application may help you to find the most suited type of butterfly valve.
  3. Installation: The installation of butterfly valves is super easy. You will flange the valves at both ends. Either weld or screw it in between the pipes, and your system is all set. You can also connect to Aluminium Butterfly Valves Manufacturer or supplier to know the more precise way of installation as per the required operation.
  4. Operating mode: Manufacturers are creating a wide range and types of butterfly valves, which are further used for specific operations. Automatic, semi-automatic, and manually operated butterfly valves are suitable for different operations. You can evaluate them for various other factors.
  5. Life: Butterfly valves are one of the most promising valves of the industry. They offer bubble-tight shut-off and seek less maintenance. You can check the operating life of valves and then make the final selection.
Final words:

Butterfly valves are mainly used for regulating the flow of fluids. They may fail in accurate throttling. Here, Aluminium Butterfly Valve can perform the task in a much better way. You can choose it among the other types of butterfly valves for this. If any problem occurs in the flow of fluid with a butterfly valve, you must check the installation properly to avoid troubles and excess maintenance!

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