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What are the Types of Butterfly Valves and Their Purpose of Usage

Niraj Hedapara
November 3, 2020

‘Butterfly Valves’ sounds so convenient and the same comfort of use resembles its performance too. These low-cost valves require easy installation to control the fluid flow. You can throttle the fluid flow with a tight shut-off. Butterfly valves are no less than a flawless attempt to do anything. From the basics to insightful usages, people can convert them to use according to their own convenience and purpose.

The operation, installation, and maintenance of Butterfly valves are easy. High-performing butterfly valves just need you to go through with an actionable guide. The design stands for providing the flow with control. It operates by opening or shutting down itself completely. Here, a disc rotates a quarter turn and the required operation takes place. It controls the fluid by initiating the throttling process.

The Principle of Performance

Butterfly valves include a thin metal disc that opens and closes to control the fluid. This mechanism restricts or allows the flow of fluid to move from one side to another. Upstream or downstream pipe uses butterfly valves to manage the movements of fluids.

The job of rotating a metal disc is to direct the fluid where to go. In the entire system, the disc operates by creating angles up to 90 degrees. Butterfly valves control the fluid by linear as well as bi-directional configurational.

The complete performance of butterfly valves revolves around a flat and round plate. A rod intervenes in the plate and the plate is placed in the middle of the pipe. This plate is responsible for overall action as it gets turned either parallel or at 90 degrees angle. The plate is always involved inside the flow and it creates a pressure drop.

When the valve is shut, the disc rotates to block the passageway, completely. On the other hand, if the valve is completely open, the disc will be quarter-turned to offer an unrestricted flow of the fluid. It completes a journey from zero to ninety degrees. Depending upon the range of pressure and applications, there is a wide range of butterfly valves involved.

Types of Butterfly valves

Different kinds of butterfly valves are present in the market. It all depends upon your requirements and the suitability of valves that propels you to choose one. Each type of butterfly valve is meant to handle a specific range of pressure.

On the flip side, the variation in butterfly valves also comes in terms of weight, space, and expenses. They add different values to operations and applications. The products are available at OSKO Valves.

Basically, the types of butterfly valves are classified on the basis of three designs –

Disc Closure Design

The disc closure design of butterfly valves is categorized into two types depending upon the location of the stem –


Concentric or centric is the most basic type of butterfly valve. Here, the steam passes through the centerline of the disc and the center of the pipe. The seat remains inside the diameter periphery of the butterfly valve. Since it relies on the flexibility of the seat rubber, it is also known as a resilient-seated valve. These are used for low-pressure ranges.


Here, the stem doesn’t pass through the centerline of the disc. In eccentric butterfly valves, the stem is located behind the centerline disc. Thus, the valve is also called a single-offset. Afterwards, single-offset valves lead to double and triple offset valves. These are high-performing butterfly valves that give pressure to increase the interference between the seat and disc edge.

Connection Design

The connection systems of butterfly valves are marking another difference in the type. Two common types of this are mentioned here –


This type of butterfly valve performs between the two pipe flanges. Long bolts hold the pipe flanges that further cross the valve body. This valve creates a seal against bi-directional differential pressure.


In lug-style butterfly valves, two sets of bolts connect pipe flanges to each side of the bolt inserts. Opposite to the wafer-style, they carry the weight of piping through the valve body in dead-end service generally have a lower pressure rating.

Actuation Method

Either manual or automatic actuation, butterfly valves can be operated by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Here are both –

Automatic actuation

These are reliable valves that make the rapid operation of larger valves possible. These are operated through the power to control from a remote location.

Manual actuation

These are less expensive and easy to operate butterfly valves. Manual actuation further involves two common methods to operate, hand lever and gear.

Considering all together, butterfly valves can be also categorized into four types. The valve market is well aware of these types of butterfly valves. Each suite to specific requirement and function –

  1. Thermoplastic butterfly valves
  2. Triple offset butterfly valves
  3. Double offset butterfly valves
  4. Inflatable seated butterfly valves

Usages and Applications of Butterfly Valves

The usage of butterfly valves is widespread among various industries, especially in the automobile industry. Chemical, oil, food, pharmaceutical, fire protection, and many other names are here in the list where butterfly valves highly contribute. Since these valves are available in various sizes, you can pick your requirement easily.

Butterfly valves can also open and shut partially to control the flow of air and fluid. It regulates the flow according to the requirements. The easy throttling facility makes it available for many other activities. They can even handle high-pressure water and steam.

The latest design and components of butterfly valves are making it suitable for several industrial fluid systems. The popularity of butterfly valves has increased enormously in recent years.

Final words

Butterfly valves are helpful to control the water or fluid flow in the pipelines. They can make your performance easy by eliminating the chaos of installation and maintenance. OSKO Valves has brought the supreme performance to your doorstep. The various types of butterfly valves are available on the website. Just select the one as per the requirement of your system and install it properly!

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