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Why Do Industries Prefer Wafer Type Check Valves Over Other Valves

Wafer type check valves are slim valves that are unlikely to clog. These valves can be easily mounted horizontally and vertically. Wafer check valves belong to the basic category of check valves that are used to regulate the flow of gases and liquids. Different industries are using these valves. Check valves or especially wafer type check valves supplier targets the different industries like water, chemical, and refining, etc. Ball, swing, and wafer valves are the three types of check valves. Their specific performance and application create a difference in usage.

The compact size of wafer valves has made it suitable for various industries. These are basically small-sized valves that are available to be set between a set of flanges. The wafer check valves are well-suited for mounting between weld neck or slip on plate type companion flanges of different standards.

Features of Wafer Type Check Valve 

Wafer type check valves price seems negligible when it comes to the usability of these valves. Here, we are listing a few important features of wafer type check valves that are making them fit for the requirement –

  • Wafer type check valves manufacturer India design the valves with the short body type single thin plate.
  • These valves are easy to install and they further offer any 3rd party or client inspection.
  • The mounting of these valves requires minimum space. The overall length of these set up is shorter.
  • The valves provide tight shut-off with zero leakage.
  • The wafer type check valves are suitable for vertical as well as horizontal mounting.

The Performance of Wafer Type Check Valves

Wafer type check valves manufacturer focus to create an effective piping system along with all the pipe equipment. Wafer check valves provide quicker access to cleaning and maintenance requirements. These valves are comprised of a seating arrangement and a disc. The material (liquid or gas) flows in one direction and the force of flow ultimately lifts the disc in the seating arrangement.

This process lets the material flow in the wafer type check valves. As we are talking about the flow in one direction only, the reverse directional flow is actually prohibited. If the flow gets reversed in the direction by chance, the material pushes the disc to nack and this, somehow, blocks the seating arrangement. The process ultimately closes the valve off with the flow of material.

The material that flows through the wafer check valves may include some debris or solid particles. These valves provide the best performance by mounting horizontally or vertically. Additionally, if the back-pressure is insufficient to provide sufficient support, the mechanism is available to offer assistance.

Osko Valves is a preferred wafer type check valves manufacturer India that targets the major industries, The wafer check valves can get fit into the small spaces between the flanges where other check valves can hardly fit. These valves can restrict the flow by a greater percentage than any other valves. Since they are less prone to become clogged, industries with possible debris and material prefer wafer type check valves over others.

Final words:

Our wafer type check valves price is one of the most reasonable deals as we are counted amongst the most acclaimed valves manufacturers. Osko Valves has made its rank as the most preferred wafer type check valves manufacturer. For more information and details, you can visit the official website OSKO Valves.

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