Ball Type Non Return Valves

Size Range: 25mm to 200mm

Normative Standard
Design Standard: Manufacturer Defined
Testing Standard: as per API 598
Face to Face: Manufacturer Defined
Pressure RatingPN6 | PN10 | PN16
End ConnectionThreaded End | Flanged End
Body: Cast Iron
Ball: Nitrile Rubber Coated
OperationBall motion in Specified Path
Salient Features / Benefit
  • Can be used in highly dense & viscous fluids High flow rate as ball moves out completely from the passage and offers no hindrance
  • Low head loss because of light weight free floating ball, Rubber ball gives perfect sealing making it leak proof
  • Any foreign material deposited on ball or body gets cleaned beacuse of the rolling ball.
  • No clogging of valve as ball is the only moving part